Friday, December 10, 2010

New Blog, Old Love

Back in the day (as in 5+ years ago) before the advent of Facebook, I had a Xanga. Remember those? If not let me tell you, they were one of the first sites to host a free blog service. My freshmen year in High School I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging and there was no turning back. Once Facebook came about I turned over to the dark-side with a special love for (and overuse of) the notes section. Today, Katie Sue inspired me to return to good old fashioned pure blogging. My intention with this blog will be primarily spiritual musing though I'm sure I will sprinkle portions of creative writing and other personal works in here and there. I hope whoever finds their way to my site enjoys what they read. Please comment liberally! :)




  1. Ummm.....hey, Joe? Why are you aOneLeggedMan? Doesn't that make running REALLY hard? =D

  2. Oh, xanga. That was the greatest!! Better luck in blog world. :)

  3. Hey Joseph...welcome to the world of blogging!! I found your through Christina's blog, and look forward to hearing more from you. :-)